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Boarding and Additional Services

Please check with us for most up to date services and pricing

If a service is not listed please contact to discuss

Full Care Package 

$750 base board +


Custom nutrition profile

Unlimited Equivibe sessions

12x12 matted stall with window, fan, and misters in summer

Stalls cleaned throughout the day to reduce flies

Water buckets cleaned and refilled daily

Daily fly spraying before turnout (spray provided by owner)

Sheet, pad, wrap washing daily as needed

Light grooming as needed before blanketing

Feeding owner supplied supplements and injectables

Constant water access, tubs cleaned multiple times weekly

Routine deworming based on fecal results (owner billed for dewormer)

Hourly fly misters using Pyranha concentrate during summer

Turnout gear application/ removal

Daily and/or nightly turnout (weather permitting) in small group or private paddock (no additional cost for private)

Feed Program: $250 monthly included in full board, additional dietary needs will be billed to owner at cost

Triple Crown, Nutrena feed line- no daily max, fed in 2lb increments in as many meals needed, additional feed costs may apply

Free choice hay: fescue, alfalfa, or orchard, fed in safe hay hoops in stalls and free choice in pastures daily as needed

Loose salt added to feed


Additional Benefits

All scheduling and handling of horses for regular farrier, dentist, and vet visits are provided at no charge (costs are responsibility of owner). Clients are also welcome to use their own providers at any time on their schedule


Grain Options:Triple Crown feed line, Nutrena feed line

Stalls bedded with pure pine shavings/ sawdust mix


Equine massage/ chiropractic/ acupuncture appointments available

Recommended daily supplement: Grand Meadows Premium Plus, code EMOOR for 15% off


Additional Services

Optional Services (At extra charge):

  • Horse brokerage services (buy or sell) 15% commission ($1500 minimum) plus boarding and training
  • Grooming and tacking
  • Supplement purchase and management
  • Horse hauling
  • Show Grooming
  • Body Clipping
  • Lessons and Training
  • PULSED ElectroMagnetic Therapy through Harmony PEMF 
Optional Packages
Show Care: $300/ month includes bath every other week, mane pulling or trimming, tack cleaning (once per week), brush sanitizing and cleaning, full body clip
Medical Care: $10/ day (minimum) added to board. Includes medication administration and 24/7 hourly monitoring as needed, post-surgical/ injury wound care, standing/ support wraps, cold hosing, hand walking, hoof soaking, daily logs with updates, on-site veterinarian appointment supervision, full stall rest

Full Body Clip: $175/ horse includes bath. Sedation charged at cost as needed

New in 2021! 


Now offering to clients: Equivibe Therapy. Pricing: Free use by clients, no monthly max

Haul Ins/ Non clients: $1/ minute and $10 set up fee per session minimum $30

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