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Another benefit to our barn: Pyranha!

Developed over 30 years ago using the highest quality pyrethroids, 1-10 HP Concentrated Insecticide Refills are premium formulations that have set the bar for effective automatic flying insect control in horse barns. Both provide quick knockdown and long-lasting protection against a broad range of harmful biting insects that include: Horn Flies, Deer Flies, Fruit flies, Black flies, Stable Flies, Bot Flies, Face Flies, Midges, Fleas, Mosquitoes and Gnats.


We chose to use Pyranha in our barn because of its safety and efficacy. Each stall has its own nozzle as well as multiple nozzles down our center aisle. This allows for spraying multiple times per day throughout the entire barn. You will realize that there are no flies or spiders in the barn. This is not only nice for riders, but also for the horses.

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