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Why we feed only Triple Crown Feeds

Most of you are aware that we feed TC...and that it is recognized as a top feed. However, you might not know exactly why we chose this feed over others.

Triple Crown® feeds are consistently voted the “Best Feeds” in America by publications such as the Horse Journal. Their goal is to provide the very best nutrition to horses by utilizing the newest nutritional knowledge and innovative ingredients available. Something that is very important to me as a barn owner is that their formulas remain fixed, and are not least cost formulated. All of the ingredients on the tag are listed without using general terms such as “Grain by-products”, which is usually an indication of least cost formulations. Horse owners who try Triple Crown products are often surprised at what a difference top notch nutrition can make.

We have been feeding only Triple Crown since we opened our doors a year ago. All of our horses have gained or maintained weight on TC and have been healthy and happy.

If you are interested, you can compare your current feed against Triple Crown to see how it stacks up by clicking on the image below:

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